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Others report that potential dates run a mile when they say they've been widowed. Follow some basic on-line dating rules: Always meet up with someone in a public place the first time you meet. Get them to call you during the date in case you need an excuse for a hasty exit! In most cases, Catholic single widows are out of practice when it comes to dating.

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There are discussion threads about new relationships on our Members’ Only website and on our closed Facebook page too – dealing with topics ranging from telling the in-laws about a new romance to when is the right time to take off your wedding ring.

Many WAY members do find love again – some WAY members are even now happily married again.

And then there’s the reactions of other people to deal with – not least your in laws and your own children, if you’re a parent.

So the best advice is to proceed with caution and to make sure you’re ready before you take the plunge.

When you've lost the person you loved, the idea of dating again can seem almost unthinkable.

Some WAY members make the conscious decision that they will never date anyone else again, because they feel that nobody could ever live up to the partner they have lost.

If you do not feel like going back to church right away, make sure you take time to do your own bible study and reading.

If you are depressed, reading is a great way to pull yourself out of the funk.

With dating websites like Catholic widows can find the companionship that they so desperately need in order to feel whole again. Meet Catholic single men and catholic single women in your area today.

The people at the website are friendly, understanding and (of course! Signup today and enjoy the many benefits of membership in our Catholic singles community.

Catholic brings single people together who share the same traditions and religious outlook.

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