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At the same time, many Kazakhs have a somewhat volatile demeanour and can raise their voice to get their point across. You may wish to retaliate in kind, but do so cautiously as there is a fine line between standing up for yourself and appearing overly aggressive. Someone more senior is never ever contradicted or criticised, especially in public.

Protecting relationships and people’s honour is important.

As a result Kazakhs finesse what they say in order to deliver information in a sensitive and diplomatic manner.

People are respected because of their age and position.

Older people are viewed as wise and therefore they are granted respect.

Other prevalent nationalities include Germans, Uzbeks, and Tatars, and over one hundred different nationalities reside in the country.

It is the goal of the government for the Kazakhs to become the majority of the population throughout the country.

Meeting styles vary by the type of business entity.

Private industry is often more focused and westernized; things are a little bit more fluid.

Only people of the Kazahk ethnic group are called Kazahks.

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