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LUMA is a Luxury Matchmaking service for Madison and Milwaukee, WI single Executives and professionals.

That is, we all make sacrifices to live in our beloved but small city. Fishing for love in a small pond can make your odds of hooking a mate look grim.

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What's more, among the sample's 19,131 married Americans, those who had met online were slightly more satisfied in their marriages and less likely to divorce than couples that met the "organic" way. "Online dating fundamentally changes the initiation part of relationships; it changes how we identify potential partners," says Catalina Toma, an assistant professor in the communication arts department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Toma studies the psychological effects of social networking, including online dating.

In a 2013 poll by Pew Research Institute, 38% of single-and-looking Americans confessed they've searched for love (or something like it) on the Internet.

Most users fell in the ripe age bracket of the mid-20s to mid-40s.

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People become increasingly settled into relationships and families, and you find yourself searching for new and different waters.

Therein lie the hope, the horror and the humor of online dating in Madison. 'organic' Now a nearly 20-year-old phenomenon, with the birth of in 1995, online dating seems to have reached its prime.

Wisconsin has many single men and women just like you seeking online love and romance, friendship and relationship.

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When this pickup line plopped into my Ok Cupid inbox, swoon I did not.

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