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The Lavra withstood the 16-year siege of the Polish and Lithuanian interventionists, at the time of the Streltsy Uprising it served as a refuge for tsarevna Sofia Alekseevna, Ivan and Peter tsareviches.This is the place where the massacre of Sofia's supporters took place and Peter the Great left this place as an absolute ruler.

Its basic part including historical and artistic treasures of the Trinity-St.

The recently restored historical and architectural complex “Konny Dvor” ( 1-oi Udarnoi Armii, 2 street) – a monument of the 18th – early 20th century architecture – houses various thematic sections: • “Ancient History of the Sergiev Posad Land” • “The Trinity-St. In the Main Building of the Museum (prospect Krasnoy Armii, 144, across the Bely prud) is situated the central Exhibition Hall.

Undoubtedly, the town's main landmark is the famous Trinity Lavra of St. It ‘has been living' an interesting life since its foundation (the middle of the 14th century).

The story began when a young man Varfolomey, who was later taken the monastic vows as Sergy and propagated the ideas of non-money-grabbing and diligence, settled in a simple cabin after the death of his parents.

Sergiyev Posad Bus Terminal is located in the city.

Soviet authorities changed it first to just Sergiyev in 1919, and then to Zagorsk in 1930, in memory of the revolutionary Vladimir Mikhailovich Zagorsky Tourism associated with the Golden Ring plays a role in the regional economy. The Moscow–Yaroslavl railway and highway pass through the town.

Sergius has been inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

But the Holy Trinity Lavra is not the only landmark of Sergiev Posad.

The most significant iconostasis of the Lavra was created by the famous Russian icon painters Andrey Rublev and Daniil Cherniy.

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