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indicates that North Americans are becoming even more individualistic.

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This finding is consistent with the classic work of French sociologist Emile Durkheim, showing that socially embedded people had lower rates of suicide in comparison to the socially isolated.

This social isolation can be piercingly painful, as poignantly portrayed in the short film below.

If you are nervous or don’t understand something be sure to let them know.

CAMHS usually invite both the you and your parent/guardian to attend the first appointment.

Parallel to this decline has been a massive increase in the use of social media, as well as an upsurge in the use of computer games and other related solitary pursuits.

All this means less time socializing and more time alone.

You will meet one or more members of the CAMHS team.

You will be asked about what is going on for you and about any difficulties you are experiencing your home life, your school life and your relationships with your family and friends.

Rising individualism has also been implicated in suicide.

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