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"I went to audition with a group of housemates and we all got the job," she says."It suddenly became more real, but we all made some cash on the first night and thought, 'Wow.

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To clarify: paying for sex in the UK is not a crime, nor is selling sex, but various laws around the act make it difficult for prostitutes to operate safely: soliciting sex on the street is illegal, as is kerb-crawling, though pressing charges for both rely on there being persistent offences.

Keeping a brothel, where more than one person is selling sex, is illegal.

Women's minister Harriet Harman joined the campaign yesterday, asking members of the Women's Institute to help with the crackdown by complaining to newspapers who print adverts offering sex with foreign women.

"They're living in a bubble," says Samantha (not her real name) of the Government and its new plans.

This is great.'" Now, despite owning her own club, Andrews is studying law.

But this is to escape the stress of running her own business rather than the lap-dancing world itself.

But the blazing hoops she had to jump through to get her case to court would have scared most women off.

"You're never going to get rid of prostitution," she says, which may be true – but should this fact stand in the way of attempts to contain and regulate it?

“If someone punches me I just go straight to the ground.” Today, Yoyo is the first paid case manager for Surviving Our Struggle, with 15 clients.

Operated through the long-standing social service agency Justice Resource Institute in Downtown Crossing, the program helps boys who have been driven into prostitution find housing, health care, GED training, and hope.

Transferring the burden of criminality on to the punters, or "johns" as prostitutes call them, who pay to have sex with anyone who is "controlled for another person's gain", is at the centre of Smith's plan to remove the trafficking industry's market and, with the same blow, shrink the prostitution trade.

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