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In the late 1700's, a cartomancer named Etteilla began using reversed cards in his spreads, for which he used a section of a deck of modified playing cards that had notes containing the card meanings printed on them.

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In the context of a global chess match, America’s queen has always been NATO.

Our rook or castle in the West has long been the United Kingdom, and in the East, Japan.

By attempting to sidestep those concerns, Volkswagen lost $26 billion in market value in two days. As President Donald Trump continues his international tour, he would be wise to focus on shared interests with other nations in order to truly put “America first.”shapeholders) begins with authentically aligning a purpose that benefits both you and them.

Otherwise, there is little reason for others to give your concerns a second thought.

The surest path to profit is to be preoccupied with benefiting society.

By appealing to society’s environmental concerns, Tesla now has the highest market value of any American automaker.

Since the end of World War II, America’s purpose has been underwriting global security, promoting open markets, and investing in development.

As conflicts subsided, as trade expanded, and as newly prosperous nations became customers, both America and other nations benefited." data-reactid="38"Engaging those with no natural interest in your success but with great ability to shape your opportunities or risks (those who I define as shapeholders) begins with authentically aligning a purpose that benefits both you and them.

Given the global contests for the affections of other nations, even the perception that the United States is preoccupied with only its own interests undermines its ability to attract nations to align with its priorities.conditions on NATO support and referring to it as obsolete fanned the flames of doubt that Putin lit.

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