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"I am in the process of purchasing this old house in a small town outside of Atlanta, Georgia.The house is not in the greatest shape but my husband and I are looking forward to fixing it up.It was originally built along the railroad tracks in a neighborhood with many similar style homes, although this is the only one that has columns.

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Dating old homes dating after a controlling relationship

They may have features of many different architectural styles.

Or, architectural features may have been lost during years of remodeling projects.

The owner of this hilltop home has this dilemma: The owner wants to change the shutters on this Florida home, but what should the shutters look like on this type of house?

The turquoise shutters will be the first thing to go when the owner restores this 100-year-old Florida home. "Down here in Florida, it looks like there will be a lot of storms to get ready for," the owner says.

It has flared eaves, a front facing chimney and a wrap-around porch.

The house is located in the South Columbus, Ohio region known as German Village.

An influx of German immigrants settled in the area in the mid-1800s.

Most of the men worked as stone masons, tradesmen and brewery workers.

Question: I'm wondering what type house my house would be considered. We are trying to be descriptive so we can make a family video/scrapbook to pass down. The inside includes original toilets/sinks in the bathrooms with ornate tile work. Any descriptive terms/feedback on the inside or outside is appreciated. The owners of this historic home wonders whether it's old... It wasn't until the 1930s when the family that had the house before we bought it that another deed was listed."There's a deed in 1882 for the lot, then a deed was issued in 1934 to the family we got it from where they bought it, then in 1944 when they got an additional adjoining piece of property from a widower, then when they gave it to their children in 1964.

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