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News programming is anchored by Le Téléjournal, which airs nightly at p.m.

Local newscasts, which air during the lunch and supper hours, now also carry the Téléjournal name, i.e., Le Téléjournal Montréal.

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The show was discontinued when broadcast rights reverted to RDS.

Viewers outside Quebec were able to continue watching games via Radio-Canada stations until 2006 when RDS became exclusive broadcasters.

Ici Radio-Canada Télé (stylized as ICI Radio-Canada TēLē, and formerly known as Télévision de Radio-Canada) is a Canadian French-language broadcast television network that is owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (known in French as Société Radio-Canada), the national public broadcaster.

It is the French-language counterpart of CBC Television, the broadcaster's English-language television network.

Other shows such as Découverte raised concerns about the safety of overhead bridges in Montreal after the collapse of a bridge in 2007.

There is also weekly programming on political affairs concerning the National Assembly of Quebec and the House of Commons with Les coulisses du pouvoir (The Corridors of Power).

Since 2014, the network broadcasts the Olympic Games in French starting with the 2014 Winter Olympics since CBC/Radio-Canada obtains the Broadcasting Rights for the Olympic Games.

SRC, along with RDS, shares the broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games in Canada for French viewers until the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Radio-Canada were also the home of the Montreal Alouettes before moving also to RDS.

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