Ladyboy java - Dating my boyfriends brother

If we were men, we would want to be friends with them.We were raised by the same parents, cut from the same cloth, bred from the same womb and belong to the same gene pool.

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If you were as happy and in love as you say, then he's worth it.

Just know that this event will change him—for better or for worse—so don't be surprised when both he and your relationship are different.

Our brothers are the male counterparts in us, the ones who also have to approve and like him.

Because if we were men, we’d probably be a lot like our brothers.

He hates the world right now for taking his brother, and you are part of that world, even though he loves you. You seem to understand this, and kudos to you for that, and for being willing to wait for him. I'm sure it's disheartening to be shut out when you want so badly to help him, but there's little you can do until he comes out of shock.

Just give him the space he needs, and let him know that you are there for him when he's ready to talk. People grieve and heal in different ways and over varying lengths of time.

But that pain and discomfort is on an entirely different level when your ex moves on — with your sibling.

Just ask these Redditors, who revealed what it's like to have an ex for a brother- or sister-in-law.

He has completely shut me out of his life: He broke up with me and told me to move on because he wants to be alone. He's reeling right now and it's going to take him time, obviously, to grieve.

Anger is part of grief, which is why he cut you off.

With a boy around all the time, it’s years of car fights, action movies and punches to the gut. No sibling ever has ever gone through life without feeling that extreme hate for someone that shares the same blood, that looks just like him or her. We didn’t take each other’s clothes, we took each other’s Nintendo controls. Why is he such an important judge of the man you will one day bring home? If your brother thinks he’s a douchebag, then don’t you begin to think that a little too?

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