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A Ga Muslim from the coast, for example, may not have a problem with women going to the cemetery, while a Dagomba from the North may have problems with it.

Again, a member of the ahl us Sunna wal jamat may be uncomfortable with women speaking in the midst of men, while the Tijaniyya will not have a problem with that.

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In Ghana, the legal age of marriage is 18 for both girls and boys.

However, they can marry as young as 16 with the consent of their parent.

1 in 5 young women today were married before 18, compared to 1 in 3 in the early 1990s [3] Child marriage in Ghana is deeply rooted in tradition and discriminatory gender norms.

Wi LDAF Ghana found that parents’ decision to marry off their daughter was often driven by their concern with female sexuality and family honour, in particular the fear that their daughter may become pregnant out of wedlock [4].

I will also highlight the Islamic understanding of leadership.

This is necessary in view of the fact that the basis of our discourse will necessarily be informed and guided by what Muslims in general and especially the Muslim woman understands her role in Islam to be.

What are the problems and prospects of Muslim women in leadership?

I must emphasize at the onset that it will be difficult to speak for all Muslim women in Ghana because the women are under different ethnic and doctrinal influences, all of which color attitudes and mentality.

The high bride price received for young girls in Ghana means that families often see child marriage as a survival strategy.

Finally, a lack of access to education drives child marriage: 41.6% of women with no education were married before 18, compared to 4.7% of women with secondary education [7].

What are Muslim women doing in leadership and are these roles meeting a felt need in the Ghanaian Muslim community?

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