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Police watched while she did donut's in front of the Sciarra's house in the 4400 block of Crestdale Street west of Interstate 95 and north of Northlake Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens.

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Prospect of additional sleep is highly erotic, and my eyebrows seem to be waggling of their own accord. Check phone one last time to remove all possibilities of interruption. Decide neither oats nor naked time take precedence over sleep.

Stealthily fire off work email by successfully hiding device behind wineglass balanced on lap. Place hand on stomach of spouse in universal “How you doin’? We are both quickly distracted by explosions on-screen.

Police say when they entered the home it was covered with broken glass and items strew about the home.

Police say they both smelled like alcohol, and that Hannah was visibly upset and had a swollen eye.

Am mentally flipping off universe while microwaving Dino Bites for tiny humans. I return to find a glass of merlot and a missing husband.

Husband kindly opens wine while I check for closet monsters.

They organise affordable activities and events such as family dinners and play centre outings, and hold several camps throughout the year - Melbourne (Thornbury) - Solo Mums Group This Solo Mums' Group is created to support women who are single or partnered but not with the father of their children, and looking for: community connections, support and networking but most of all just getting women together to see they are not unique in their situation and have an opportunity to share!

The group will be held fortnightly, the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, for the next few months and may evolve to become more or less frequent.

She was released on ,0000 bond after spending two days behind bars at the Palm Beach County Jail.

From all accounts, in police reports obtained by Daily, the relationship between Hannah and her husband Michael had been in steep decline in recent months.

A woman in Florida tried to run over her daughter's 33-year-old husband after he exposed his affair with her to her daughter.

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