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For example, you nervously -- and accidentally -- call his sister Laura when her name is really Mara.

Even though she might roll her eyes at the time, weeks or months down the road you two can joke about how silly the situation was.

Every person is different, so pay attention and listen to your gut.

Her articles have appeared in "Pittsburgh Parent Magazine" and the website PBS Parents.

She has a Master of Science in applied developmental psychology from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Education.

But any of them are good indicators that your relationship has staying power–or that he has no intention of ever committing to you. • He acts protective, putting his arm around you and shielding you, maybe unconsciously, from the environment when things get loud, rough, or crowded. • He is comfortable with your toiletry items and with you leaving some things at his house.

Signs That You Have a Future Together • You hear secondhand that he has been telling other people about you or bragging about you to his friends. • He makes plans with you for more than two weeks in the future. • He cares about you—he acts like the world revolves around you.

In a healthy relationship you should have the ability to share your feelings, and expect him to do the same with you.

Communicate how you're feeling about the first meeting, telling him what your fears or worries are.

Doing so allows him to support you, reassure you and guide you when it comes to the best way to approach this stressful situation.

Meeting his family and friends isn't all about what you have to say.

• He gives you compliments (but not unrealistic ones or in excess). • He introduces you as his “friend.” • He booty-calls you. • His family members misbehave, even if he doesn’t.

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