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You're going to get varying answers because you're saying minimum.However 'minimum' for each tree type likely isn't what you want because tree growth will be very slow and if you try bonemeal, you'll go through a lot of it trying to grow them faster. Oaks 6 blocks above the sapling, birch 7 blocks above the sapling, pines 8 blocks above the sapling.I’ve already explained that the proliferation of Spanish past tenses aren’t easy for a native English speaker to grapple with.

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And there are clear warnings during the onboarding process about the consequences of any misbehavior.

These rules boil down to: be respectful, no flirting and no spamming — or expect to get banned.

Users are encouraged to put a few words on their profile about their interests, what language or aspect of language they want to learn, and what they want to speak about (or who they want to speak to). And that’s about it — it’s basically a messaging app where you’re encouraged to connect with fellow language learners to practice through the digital spectrum of chat.

Today’s language learners are of course hugely spoilt for choice when it comes to apps and services offering to take the strain out of mastering a foreign tongue.

I have a good sized out door tree farm (and a small underground one).

I started with 3 saplings and now I have 25 trees and 7 saplings extra in a chest.Welcome to Tandem: an app-based community where strangers from all over the world chat with each other, but absolutely not for dating purposes — even if it can feel a little Tinder-ish as you scroll through a bunch of age-badged photo profiles trying to decide who to strike up a conversation with, and how to start said chit-chat from nada.The point of the platform is to connect and match strangers so they can practice whatever language/s they each want to learn, with the app showing native speakers learners of their own language — so you can both help and be helped.The easy posting, adding photos and commenting has been an excellent addition to our clan chat.I should mention we keep our main communication in game, and I have not tried Discord.Generally this will allow them to grow very quickly and usually with only one bone meal.

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