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I like my own space and I'm independent but I am also very loving and friendly.I'm not into rushing into things, slow and steady is the key for me and to get to know each other. Hate writing these things lol I like to think I'm hilarious (probably not) haha love to have a laugh, definitaly a bit wierd 😂🙈 and get up to all sorts of fun but also love a good Netflix and chill haaaaa 😘 I'm fun and confident but above all caring and compassionate.

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Christianity in Britain during the seventh century existed in two forms distinguished by differing liturgical traditions, labelled the "Ionan" and "Roman" traditions.

The "Ionan" practice was that of the Irish monks who resided in a monastery on the isle of Iona (a tradition within "Celtic Christianity"), whereas the "Roman" tradition kept observances according to the customs of Rome.

I like adventures, travelling, quirky old pubs (I'm not a big fan of partying every weekend) I much prefer a cosy night in with a Kraken rum and a good movie! My family is very important to me and I am a proud auntie. I love playful people because I am a big kid - when I can be...

I'm vegan, tattooed and pierced (can't see it when I smile but I have my lip pierced and 8mm plugs), I drive, have a talent for art and live alone with my cat, Kirsty. Outdoor activities, travelling or watching a good movie are all fave pastimes. Our happiness is in our own hands, happiness is nobody else's responsibilities, but our own!! I have met great beautiful individuals with whom I communicate privately with, but I am waiting for that "Special Bond" with that "Special Someone", feel a gup in my life, but to join me in the most exciting journeys.

The synod was summoned at Hilda's double monastery of Streonshalh (Streanæshalch), later called Whitby Abbey. The first source, the Life of Wilfrid, is a hagiographic work written by Stephen of Ripon, often identified as Eddius Stephanus, probably soon after 710.

The second source is the Historia Ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum by the Venerable Bede, written in 731.

However, Bede's accuracy as a historian has been well regarded by Anglo-Saxon scholars, and historians have generally been comfortable following Bede's basic presentation of the synod.

Stephen's text has found more criticism, and Reginald Poole identified many of his inaccuracies, but Stephen's account of the synod did not suffer the same criticism as other passages in his work.

I will only communicate with someone with whom I feel genuinely interested in and with whom I see future potentials as friend or as the future Lucky One!

We all have negative moments, we all share our negative experiences,.....having your negative shadows 24/7 is not for me,....

Further, the motivations of the authors influenced how they presented the material.

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