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Similar to other characters in their Season 1 appearances, she also had a black shadow on the tops of her legs from her shell.In Season 2, the design of Penny's shell is curved to resemble her sister's and her mother's. Also, the holes in the shell on her arms are missing, and the holes her antlers come out of are smaller.She has brown pupils and an orange mouth and eyebrows.

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The feeling is mutual, but neither of them has ever had a chance to properly express their feelings, despite that it is clearly evident, that is, until "The Shell." Penny, however, is also a very sensitive person, as she can be easily hurt.

Such can be seen on "The Meddler," in which Gumball's accidental slip-up of words cause her to cry, and later, nearly mess up her cheerleading performance.

Her body somewhat takes on the shape of her shell, having a round head with a slim body, and the upper half of her body gets progressively lighter shades of yellow, orange, and sometimes pink in coloration.

Her real eyes and mouth are now seen, and also has visible white eyelashes connected to her eyes.

After Gumball helps her come to terms with herself, though, she has become more open and enthusiastic than she was previously.

Penny, although not nearly to the same extent as Gumball, can resort to snarking.

Such can be seen in "The Gi," in which she was one of the few people to not succumb to peer pressure and stand up for Gumball as opposed to ridiculing him.

She also seems to be a pretty selfless and forgiving person, as evidenced in "The Bros," where she was willing to sacrifice her relationship with Gumball in order to make sure Darwin was happy and could cope with his own troubles.

However, she is often seen carrying white pom-poms.

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