Dating in high school is stupid

(If we hold hands for three more minutes, we’ll get an A.

And others reported dating all the time in sixth grade, and then decreased, and then increased again.”And the significance of these trajectories?

Those who dated the most were shooting toward disaster: they were four times more likely to drop out of high school and reported twice as much substance abuse as those who were dating less.

(Let me guess, small-busted girls gain points, large-busted girls get demerits.) The assignment was not created by the teacher, but it was taken from a Utah Board of Education database that lets teacher pull classroom materials and assignments on various topics for use in their own classrooms.

Still, it’s bewildering that a teacher could look at these assignments and think they were a good idea to hand out to her class.

Salt Lake City mother Jenn Oxborrow was so astounded by the “$5 date” homework assignment her daughter brought home on Monday that she posted it to her Facebook page.

As part of a class in “Financial Literacy and Adult Roles,” which is a required class at Highland High School, Oxborrow’s daughter was given a pink piece of paper explaining her duties on a homework assignment that required her to “go out” on a date with a member of the opposite sex.

This assignment is so weird, even the Utah State Board of Education was shocked by it.

After Oxborrow’s post started gaining momentum, Board of Education spokesperson Mark Peterson told Fox 13 that the assignment was being removed from the state’s curriculum database, and that, “We really don’t have any business whether or not boys and girls should be kissing on a date in a financial literacy class.” Oxborrow says she’s pleased with how the school is handling the situation.

The principal said the teacher was “mortified” and intended it to be a “light-hearted lesson in social norms,” but some social norms belong in the dumpster, not in the classroom.

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