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In an interview with , Belgrade details how difficult it was for him to get back on his own two feet after his wife of 13 years passed away unexpectedly.

“It threw my life into turmoil,” he said, reflecting on how he was suddenly left to run their business and care for their 2-year-old son on his own.

Best of all, these units would be relatively affordable, given their size.

— Residents like Ira Belgrade are hopeful that other cities, like Los Angeles, will pass similar legislation.

Nonetheless, we suspect that we’ll see granny units pop up across the state as more homeowners flirt with the prospect of additional rental income.

And these homeowners, whether they realize it or not, will be making a significant contribution to the state’s affordable housing stock in the process.

Belgrade decided to convert his home office into an in-law apartment to rent for additional income. His lot was just shy of the square footage needed to build an ADU under Los Angeles’ existing zoning code.

Belgrade took a risk and decided to build the in-law apartment anyhow, making his unit one of the 50,000 non-permitted ADUs across the city. He wouldn’t have been able to afford his mortgage otherwise.

San Jose is the largest of the Bay Area cities to adopt such progressive policies regarding granny units.

There are more than 175,000 single family homes in San Jose; if just 10% of these homeowners built an ADU on their lot, it could create upward of 17,500 badly-needed housing units for local residents.

Local resident Michael Learner is about to make the transition from homeowner to San Jose property manager.

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