Dating get to know you questions

If you and your date have any chemistry, then you might find that the conversation will eventually begin to flow at a comfortable pace.

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Or you might realize that this person is not right for you. Even if you are already with someone, it is always great to try and get to know them better.

Whether you have been dating for a month or a decade, it does not matter.

This whole thing got me wondering, “Can you replicate what these people did even if you’re already in a relationship?

” What if you just ask your partner all the questions right there in your living room?

Or you could even just be interested in knowing what his favorite ice cream flavor is.

While you can definitely come up with some questions of your own to ask, you might occasionally draw a blank even if you know that you would like to know more.

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Do you like asking and answering questions like the ones listed above?

Asking a few questions can make you feel even more interested in him/her.

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