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Some games are sweet and innocent -- others can be more not so sweet and mature.

Most of these games, however, are based on the assumption that the player and the characters are heterosexual and heteromantic (Asia tends to be very conservative on topics involving the LGBTQ community).

The film was set in the then-future of a dystopian United States, circa 2017. The Show arrives in theaters and is available on demand on Sept.

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I’ve seen a few of my friends gushing over cute characters in their own game, but I never really felt like taking the time to actually play.

That is, until I picked up Mystic Messenger, or 수상한메신저 (literally Mysterious Messenger).

Mystic Messenger’s concept and plotline is quite unique.

You, as the main character, decided to download a Messenger app and end up in a private chat room made up of the five characters you have a chance to interact with.

From my experience with video games, however, most games will have excellent graphics shown as a preview but the actual game is nothing compared to it.

The pictures appeared rather colorful and the drawings have a similar style to Japanese animation, but the character names and the song lyrics were Korean.Characters vary in personalities you can choose from and tend to be stock characters: innocent and childlike, arrogant celebrity or from royalty, silent gentleman, awkward and unpopular but ends up being popular, class clown, bully or rival secretly in love and many more.I never thought I would enjoy playing dating simulators.The game was a free download with in-app purchases, but the size of the game itself is rather huge: 357 megabytes to be exact (and sometimes more data needs to be downloaded to continue playing the game). It seems like a typical dating game about day to day life involving a messenger app similar to Facebook Messenger and our own phones.It will even sync up to your phone’s time and your time zone.As I wondered what could be in a simple dating game that can take up so much space, I decided to watch the game’s trailer and see the preview screenshots from the Google Play store.

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