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A sign of a real man isn’t defined by the car you drive, how much money you make, how strong you are, or how well you hide your emotions. It’s time for this generation of men to stand up and step up against the norms of society that objectify women and don’t value them as the beautiful daughters of God that they are.John has been married to Debra for a decade, and experiencing “true love” has been the greatest blessing of his life.Some facets might be unsatisfactory, such as the frequency of sex.

Leaving the question of morality for another time, let’s get back to the casual dating apps.

We all know Tinder, Lovoo, Happn, Secret and the lot.

You don’t need to know that this is the person you’re going to marry after the first date – but you should know this: Is this someone I could see myself spending more time with, or is this someone that clearly has some red and yellow flags (see ) that I should not be spending more time with.

In EITHER case, the next best step is to BE DIRECT.

When you ask, make sure it’s face to face, because nothing beats real-life interaction.*Sidenote, I also want to say that I’m a firm believer that whoever does the asking should also do the paying. My wife Deb has some articles out there about the women doing the asking, but that’s a topic for another day.

So you’ve just gone on your first date, and you took initiative, now it’s time to be direct.That could even be the next day (I do think texting them on the drive home is a: unsafe, and b: a Now for the slice of awkward cake: if things did NOT go well…should communicate that you are glad you got the chance to hang out but you think it would be better if we were friends. While it will be awkward the next time you see that person (I don’t think there’s anyway around that), at least you were open and honest, so that both of you can move on.I maybe should started with this point, but I’m going to end with it because it’s the most important one. The key to your dating success and future marriage rests on you being a REAL MAN. You talk about women respectfully and not degradingly in your circle of friends. Job said it his way, “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully upon a woman.” You keep yourself in check by not looking at pornography and in turn, you change your view of women.Taking into account that not every one is willing to admit their little escapades, in reality the numbers are likely to be higher.Being open for a sexual adventure does not necessarily mean the relationship in essence is all bad.” It always helps if you actually give a time-frame, rather than leaving it open ended.

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