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Standifords adept portrayal of the evolution of the girls self-awareness conveys a meaningful message about empathy and forgiveness.While the switch enables the girls to learn about each other, it also gives them greater insight into their own lives, allowing them each to discover their strengths and to recognize their foibles.

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Besides offering readers passion and suspense, Standiford raises thought-provoking questions about how far people should go for the sake of love and freedom.

(Click the title link above for more reviews.) A New York Times Notable Children's Book of 2012 The New York Times Book Review, June 17, 2012 "The Secret Tree" takes its rightful place in the now classic genre of "neighborhood kids" that began with Beverly Cleary....

Standiford successfully taps into the feeling of growing up on a small East Coast island. Her strength of character shines as she faces challenges with humor and resilience.

The plot covers a lot of grounda birthday party, a school dance, soccer games, sailing competitions, and even the appearance of a pirate ghost.

Although Laura has been warned not to fall for Russian men, who might have ulterior motives, she is drawn to her mysterious rescuer and arranges to meet with him secretly.

Their rendezvous become increasingly frequent and intense, and the city that once seemed so bleak to Laura suddenly comes to life.

By the time Standiford reveals Almighty's real beef, readers will wish that more family members had confessions to make.

(Click the title link above for more reviews.) *Kirkus Reviews Sept 15, 2009 HOW TO SAY GOODBYE IN ROBOT Surprising everyone at their private school, a sardonic loner befriends the new girl in this unusual story of an intense platonic relationship between two misfits.

Laura, an American college student studying in Leningrad, is homesick and tired of bitter cold, inedible food, filthy dorms, boring classes.

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