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When Robinson was born, he was so seriously ill that the doctor was certain he would not survive.

He was temporarily paralyzed from birth and his head was misshapen.

Much later in life, Robinson's father would tell him he couldn't take any joy in the boy's development because he always thought each step was going to be the last thing.

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Robinson became Canon to the Ordinary in 1988, the executive assistant to the then bishop of New Hampshire, Douglas Theuner.

Robinson remained in this job for the next seventeen years until he was elected bishop. Ella actively helped her father with public relations at the General Convention in 2003.

Just a week before the General Convention, Robinson had been with his daughter Jamee and held his four-hour-old first granddaughter.

Robinson was elected bishop by the New Hampshire diocese on June 7, 2003, at St. Thirty-nine clergy votes and 83 lay votes were the threshold necessary to elect a bishop in the Diocese of New Hampshire at that time.

While doing an intern year as a chaplain at the University of Vermont, he began dating his future wife, Isabella "Boo" Martin.

Robinson says that about "a month into their relationship, [he] explained his background and his fears about his sexuality." They continued dating and, as Robinson puts it, "about a month before the marriage, [he] became frightened that ...

Andrew currently works in the New Hampshire state government.

He was legally joined to Robinson in June 2008 in a private civil union ceremony, followed by a religious ceremony, both in St Paul's Church, Concord.

It's just a part of my journey, and why would I possibly regret that?

" In November 1987, Robinson met his partner, Mark Andrew, while on vacation in St. Andrew was on vacation and worked in Washington, D. On July 2, 1988, Robinson and Andrew moved into a new house and had it blessed by Bishop Douglas Theuner, an event which they considered to be the formal recognition of their life together.

He entered a formal relationship with his second partner, Mark Andrew, in 1988. Hirschfeld served with Robinson until Robinson's formal retirement on January 5, 2013.

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