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The closure of frontiers and the rise of illegal migration and asylum seekers make the calculation of migration flows more difficult and require differentiation between a country's de facto and de jure populations.

It is impossible to estimate precisely the number of illegal immigrants.

Lastly, unless all sub-populations are identified, it is not certain that the data cover entirely the populations in question.

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The focus is now often on immigrants from outside the European Union, asylum seekers, and illegal migration.

In certain cases, migration statistics are no longer even compiled for European citizens.

First, the national definition of migration often differs from the internationally recommended definition.

In addition, the reliability of migration data is sometimes so poor that, even when countries define migration in the same terms, the resulting figures may differ widely.

This would do much to improve the reliability and comparability of statistics.

There remain, nevertheless, a number of unique challenges that must be overcome if migration statistics are to be truly reliable.

As a result, statistical collection of migration data is a by-product of administrative data collection systems.

Moreover, countries often do not have the same political, economic, or social interest in collecting data on immigration and emigration.

Many countries do not consider asylum seekers as migrants when they compile their statistics (for example, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany).

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