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Your knees and your ankles should be pressed together at all times. Here's something new I learned: A "gentleman" would never let you think that you are late to a date.If, hypothetically, you showed up 20 minutes after you were supposed to, a gentleman should say, "No, I made the reservation too early." I like this piece of etiquette.

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Lots of the aforementioned etiquette ideas make my feminist insides churn—more tips and tricks to make women think *they're* doing something wrong out there on the dating scene? And while sure, being charming is a good and fun goal, your date carries half the responsibility for making sure your meet-cute isn't a total disaster.

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If someone asks you a question and you have to chew for 15 seconds before you're ready to answer, you've taken too big a bite.

Oh, and you're only supposed to take four bites of food MAX before setting your cutlery down and "resting." And I would get into the way you're supposed to hold your fork and knife, but it's complicated so this lady can show you. If you invited the body across the table from you, traditional etiquette says the check is on you.

If you're on the apps, you know that someone's picture is the first thing you see. Make sure one of photos shows you doing something you love.

Celebrity matchmaker Amy Laurent—our relationship expert of the evening—encourages you to select 4-6 photos ("you don't need a whole album! One selfie at most, because apparently guys don't like selfies. Say something fun and unique in a light, interesting way.

Sauces go on the bottom right corner of your plate; discards, such as olive pits or stems, in the top left. If you were invited to the shindig, it's still polite to *offer* to split the bill. Meier says you can simply "reach" for your wallet when the bill arrives, but you don't need to verbally suggest you go Dutch.

If your date gets something stuck in his or her tooth, you're supposed to let them know right away, rather than have him or her discover it hours later in the bathroom. You should never offer to split the check if you can't actually afford it.

If you switch eye contact and begin to stare into their right eye, it means you aren't enjoying the conversation.

Apparently the proper way to cross your legs is at your ankles. Meier suggests carrying a clutch so you can hold it on your lap or in front of you if you like to have something to do with your hands.

Because there is no formality with dating anymore, men and women are treating any outing with a potential significant other with the same casualness they would use on a friend.

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