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“I want to take care of you and give you things you never had,” Melissa told her mother.

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She would make fun of strippers: She would even make fun of her pimp.

Like the time she said, “I don’t give Blaze all my money, I keep my money,” and pulled out her credit card to show them all.

It was insubordination, pure and simple, but Melissa had nerve.

The big entertainment of the evening sometimes was waiting to see what nasty things came out of that little white girl’s mouth.

But almost every other night, Melissa and Kritzia would hang outside Lace, the strip club on Seventh Avenue north of 48 In the new New York—after Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg helped make over the porn palaces into a family­friendly tourist hub—the escorts and their pimps have to be discreet. The pimps are still there, but at a remove, able to watch the girls work and to bolt if need be. is a complicated place: volatile and dangerous but also, in its way, like any other workplace, with protocols and procedures and intrastaff dramas.

The Mc Donald’s on Broadway, south of 47 between Sixth and Seventh avenues, is the break room: a tiny open-air public plaza with a few metal tables and chairs and some slate decor. One time Melissa braided Kritzia’s hair while they sat there talking, helping her tighten her extensions and curl them at the bottom with a curling iron.

If you have a pimp, your money isn’t your own, but you have protection.

If you’re with a service, you’re often working harder than a lot of hos who have pimps.

They came back a few days later, then turned around and went to New York a few weeks after that.

Upon her return, Melissa announced that she and Jordan were going to move there. It’s so far away.” Where you work in Manhattan depends on how you look.

She felt like she had seen this moment coming all along. Prettier ones—tall, skinny ones—have better luck on the East Side.

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