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In fact, at least part of the time I feel as if he has rescued me.

Sometimes the path of figuring out a relationship with a partner involves figuring out what is good for you and what's not. If I'm quite attractive, intelligent, educated, and overall a desirable woman, is it just the fact that I picked such a mate what makes me a loser?

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The rescuer is a woman who attaches herself to partners who are emotionally unstable in some way.

Though rescuers can be both men and women, the book I wrote on the subject, was primarily for women.

I have been with someone for a while now and I sometimes wish I could go back and stop myself saying let me take care of you when we first met (literally within days).

Things have changed as I have begun to take more care of myself and discover who I am. I can remember trying to save every baby/injured animal I came across (still do and I'm 29), counting the days until I was old enough to babysit my neighbors 3 kids, and overall forming my codependent ways (even though I wasn't raised around an alcoholic).

Though she desperately tries to help her partner, what she’s really trying to do is change him.

In comparison to other men who are her equals and who are emotionally available, those men often seem boring.

Its no coincidence that 2 of my ex's ended up in mental faciities (not immediatley after me!

) My friends actully had a running joke on how I was a magnet for these men.

So, you might ask, what does the rescuer do and feel in her relationships?

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