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Erin Forest, dining room supervisor at the restaurant, told E! It was the first opportunity for the family to find out that news.News that Cuthbert and Phaneuf "had a reservation for Sunday evening for their family. They kind of announced it to the family at the dinner Elisha Cuthbert will soon be happily walking down the aisle.

Timberlake and Johansson supposedly hooked up while shooting the video, as he had just broken up with Cameron Diaz.

Coincidentally, Johansson is now married to Ryan Reynolds (a friendly acquaintance of Timberlake), who once hooked up with Jessica Biel, Justin’s current girlfriend.

Cuthbert broke it off at the end of 2005 and immediately took up with Avery.

Around the same time, Timberlake was hard at work on his second album, Future Sex/Love Sounds, and allegedly penned the hit track, “What Goes Around Comes Around,” about Cuthbert.

In fact, since his name has been taken off the sports pages, it’s shown up in Page Six for storming out of his theater debut and getting arrested for throwing rocks at cars, just days before his October 2015 wedding. His wife, model Hilary Rhoda, 29, has sued her mother, who was also her manager, over lost wages.

Her mother countersued, saying Avery is the one to blame.

Writer Christy Smith-Sloman found herself the target of the hothead after he walked off the set of her 2014 off-Broadway play, “Negative Is Positive,” just days before opening night.

Avery had been tapped to play an athlete, but the show would go on without him. “He didn’t like to be criticized, and he’d zero in on people he didn’t like.” The writer says he snapped on a lighting guy who suggested Avery’s green shirt wasn’t working with the set.

They were all having a good time."Phaneuf, 27, is currently captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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