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Dating eastern european women in nyc

And they just returned last week they are human remains.'Dave said he is being careful however to not rush to any conclusions.

According to Aruba Public Prosecutor Dorean Kardol, the discovery never happened.

A preview of the second episode, which will air at 7pm on Saturday, reveals that viewers will now see the great lengths Gabriel had to go to in order to get his informant to repeat the story while he was wearing a mic so that Natalee's father Dave and private investigator TJ Ward could hear the admission for themselves.

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Dave has long been a critic of the investigation into the disappearance of his daughter conducted by the Aruban authorities and slammed the prosecutor's comments as 'misleading'.

He maintains that they have the remains and have a report from the lab showing they are human.

Dave announced last week while appearing on Today that he followed up on that tip, and soon after remains were found.'We did an 18-month undercover investigation with an informant who was friends with an individual who had personal knowledge from Joran van der Sloot,' said Dave.'And had information that took us to a spot where remains were found.

And we took those remains and had those remains tested.

The discovery of what scientists say are bone fragments could help the Holloways' search for the truth Reconstruction: The new Oxygen documentary follows Dave Holloway's trip to Aruba, which included a dig at a spot on the island where bone fragments were found.

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