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Although family and friends were amazing, I was devastated.

Each one set me back and I wished I didn't have to have any contact with him. There was one lovely man there, but all my single friends thought he was gorgeous too, so I didn't have a chance.

Still, I was determined to keep enjoying myself and in June I even went to a speed dating event organised by a friend. All the rest seemed to be City boys showing off how much money they made, not my type at all. In July I was set up on a blind date by a friend who said this man was just my cup of tea.

But there is no nuance with texting, so when Tim said he was 'too busy' to meet me, I took that badly.

I didn't respond to his following texts and decided to enjoy being single a bit more. Luke and I had to e-mail each other about the divorce - horrible, cold e-mails.

The start of every year sees a spike in divorce rates as people decide to move on. Here, three women who divorced a year ago, reveal their dating triumphs and disasters in 2006...

Tracy Chambers, 36, is a senior manager for a charity.It was out of character, and I asked him if we could try relationship counselling - but he refused. There, I immediately caught the eye of a very handsome man, Tim, who was my age and a television producer. It felt extraordinary - partly wonderful, partly strange.We'd both had a bit to drink and at the end of the party he said 'Can I have a kiss? I hadn't kissed anyone but Luke for eight years and it was odd to feel someone else's mouth. I texted Tim a few times - a whole new phenomenon for me, as when Luke and I were dating you rang each other.We couldn't fight the chemistry and against all my normal principles I had four days of amazing sex with him.Nick lived overseas and I didn't want a long-distance relationship, but our fling ensured I flew back to London with my confidence restored.I wanted to be in control of my relationships because I never wanted to be so hurt again. Harry and I saw each other for a few weeks, but we both knew it was a casual thing. I'd stopped crying at night and felt as if Luke belonged to a previous life. It is amazing what a couple of flings can do for your self-esteem.

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