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(His brother, Andrew Cuomo, went into the family business and recently engineered a win for gay marriage in New York.) Ms. Bell went on to became a senior, and later deputy editor at Graydon Carter’s Kennedys-and-royals monthly picture book.

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“Having twins is quite an experience, I […] Terry Crews has filed a police report alleging sexual assault, TMZ reports.

The news comes nearly one month after the 49-year-old Everybody Hates Chris alum claimed that he was inappropriately touched by a male Hollywood executive at a 2016 event.

Hastings to single-handedly hoist Afghanistan commander Stanley Mc Chrystal with his own petard. Certainly on the more attractive end of the media spectrum, they both have beestung lips, good hair and that dewy, spa-burnished look that people who work at glossy magazines sometimes acquire, perhaps an advantage of having access to so many free samples of expensive face creams and hair products., Grynbaum parlayed a Harvard diploma and an internship at the Gray Lady into a staff position at that paper, where he gets to ride around in Fran Lebowitz’s silver Checker and explain the best places to catch cabs. Tina and Sir Harry, Ken and Binky, Nan and Gay — the long-standing Old Guard of media couples are well known.

Rounding out the other half of this power couple is Mr. Jordan, a former speaechwriter for Condoleezza Rice and current contributor to bureau chief and “cool dancer,” was named President Obama’s press secretary this year. Golis in 2009 after originally trying to set him up with her younger sister (since he is five years her junior). Golis is the director of digital media and a senior editor at PBS’s magazine cover story, “Blog Post Confidential.” But Mr. Gould’s high school friend, young-adult novelist Bennett Madison. Madison worked for Miss Cleo’s fortune telling hotline, so perhaps he foresaw what’s just now becoming clear to us: After years of skillfuly reporting on print’s power players, Mr. But who else is at the top of the love-in-journalism field? And what of the next generation of ink-stained hot-and-heavies?

Their Bank Street home was once a legendary hangout for Martin Amis, Christopher Hitchens and Anna Wintour, but the two have adapted nicely to Park Slope, the new capital of civilized literati. In between hurling epithets at Donald Trump and thinking up new names to call Abe & Shirley Rosenthal, the pair made the magazine a media success if not a business one.

After leaving, he went on to helm , married Rubin back in 1998 when he was still in politics, working as the assistant secretary of state for public affairs. Rubin went into the business, becoming the executive editor at Bloomberg News after a stint as a journalist for Sky News. Amanpour was the chief international correspondent for CNN and a contributor to and the chief law & justice correspondent at ABC News.

(Little did she know that had she waited three years or so she would have probably had a billion-dollar valuation during the current, ludicrous tech bubble.) Mr. Weisenthal is the deputy editor of Business Insider and a master of the fake Twitter feud. Moreland, 30, is the co-founder and CEO of Fashism. Crair, who does the “Cheat Sheet”, is still with Tina Brown’s organization. O’Connor moved to Gawker where she took down the “Craigslist Congressman” and became one of the site’s most public (and most comely) faces. Blakely, the Gawker staffer, Thrillist editor and Neighborhoodr co-founder, got in a little trouble with his last public lady friend, but seems to be having better luck with Ms.

Her site, a kind of social-media-meets-walk-in-closet, was started after Mr. Kaplan, a digital strategist who has done time at In 2008, Jezebel recruited a fashion veteran to anonymously dish the sleazy goods on the modeling industry, and for over a year the ex-runway fixture told sordid tales of the abuse behind the glitz. Sauers, a trim and glamorous (read: former model) New Zealand ex-pat who’s since gone on to write for , all while contributing to Jezebel (these days, under her real name). Volner, a writer who – often under the byline Ian Volner – writes about architecture for tony journals like Triple Canopy, and is currently shopping a book of poetry.

(her) and the primary journalistic chronicler of Zimbabwe under the iron thumb of Robert Mugabe (him) sounds like something out of a bad romantic comedy, but Ms. Godwin have been charming New York media circles for years, winning over the locals by throwing wild parties in their Upper West Side apartment.

Never ones to succumb to ordinary tradition, the two only married when Ms. And when she was pregnant with their first they co-wrote Mr.

As previously reported, the actor came forward with the allegations in a slew of tweets […] Amazon is conducting an investigation into allegations made against Jeffrey Tambor, the star of their Emmy-winning show, Transparent, Deadline is reporting.

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