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The newlyweds are only allowed to continue in their way, after the groom pays himself out.

This way, the groom pays himself out of the sins of his youth.

Haul In Friends of the groom will prop a rope in front of the church after the ceremony.

The rope is decorated not only by flowers and ribbons but also with empty bottles.Let White – Prague Wedding Agency provide you a guide through several of the most intriguing traditions that may appeal to you, for your wedding in Prague & Czech Republic.Flower Petals Sprinkle Flower girls, usually nieces of the engaged couple or friends’ daughters traditionally walk in front of the wedding procession leading them to the church to sprinkle flower petals. The flowers were to attract a goddess of fertility.They were meant to document important events such as loss of virginity and a beginning of a new period of life.At times, it was a hidden appeal to the newlyweds, to hold together during good and bad times.When the reception is almost over, friends of the newlyweds kidnap the bride.

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