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Perhaps stranger, the longer we date our partners, the more likely we’ll start to morph into them.

As human beings, we’re instinctively drawn to people who remind us of ourselves, but what might account for such narcissism?

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Of course, tracking your first sleepover or when you met someone’s parents isn’t exactly the kind of thing most people keep dedicated notes on.

A spokesperson for Hinge told that it will verify the date a couple connected on the app, and then take their word that they’ve reached the milestone in question.

Previous research finds Americans increasingly marry someone whose background and lifestyle is similar to their own, which results in a stronger and more stable relationship.

They’re more likely to have things in common, and share the same values and beliefs due to their similar backgrounds.

This is what helps couples “become similes to expression” when they partner up in long-term relationships.

The mirror neurons of the brain are what enable us to mimic people’s actions.

The reward system is measured through “milestones” like becoming exclusive, moving in, or getting married.

Each monumental moment has a corresponding present, such as a pillow, a bottle of wine, or one of those vibrators recently involved in a class action lawsuit.

We tend to imitate the people we’re close to, such as friends or family, which is why we begin to share the same mannerisms, gestures, tone of voice, and body language.

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