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Yes, I have some responsibility in his ability to compete.Luckily with my background in Sports and Exercise Science I was taught how to take skin folds and calculate body fat percentages.Eli is normally allowed one cheat meal a week up until the last month and half before competition.

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Imagine trying to squeeze everything you have been craving all week into one meal. But not when you have me there to eat whatever is left over.

Cheat meal day is my favorite day of the week because I didn’t know how much I could bond with someone over our shared love of pizza. He is the most dedicated person I have ever seen and nothing makes me swell with pride more than hearing his name called to come out on the stage and do his posing routine.

It's also my responsibility to be there for him and to push him through his hard times when he wants to give up.

Having a good support system can make or break a bodybuilder so I have to excel in this responsibility.

It’s hilarious and annoying at the same time to see this change in him. Meals have to be about two hours apart and each meal is carefully calculated but even after eating he still wants more.

The two hours in-between meals feels like an eternity to him.

Eli, my boyfriend, took an interest and wanted to work hard to make it to the stage too.

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