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They are badass, it's true, but in the end, a vintage safety razor is probably your best bet as a gift for all but the most dedicated shaving nerds.

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I visited the ASR site and they did have much of anything in terms of historic razor info.

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Using a modern shaving cream can work, but the convenience of an already formed foam can lead to rushing the job and the result in razor burn.

Instead, it's best to use bar soap and take the time to massage a lather into the beard for a couple minutes prior to shaving.

The highest quality one I have (a rhodium plated Presidente in perfect condition) I got at an antique shop for .

There are tons of great razors laying neglected in antique shops! Fifty bucks for a razor is the tops I would pay for a really, really nice one with the original case.

While vintage razors are generally high quality, as with most things, there are good and bad brands and models. The best vintage razors were produced by Gillette from the 1940s to the 1970s.

To figure out the year of production, look under (or inside) the head of the razor for a letter and a number.

This type of razor should always be adjusted with the blade doors open, then close the doors on the blade afterward.

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