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To extend the life of the signs, some of were formed on a base of iron or steel covered with a porcelain surface.

They were attached to the buildings through eyelets at the corners and sides.

The first bottle was the Hutchinson-Style bottle which was used briefly between 18.

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Over 1,200 artifacts representing Coca-Cola’s rich heritage can be viewed at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

In Milestones of Refreshment, you can walk through time and re-live the fascinating history of the brands, the company and the people.

And some early bottles used by Coca-Cola bottling companies may have contained a seltzer water or flavored soft drink.

Because the bottles vary so greatly, using a collectibles guide to Coca-Cola bottles is a good way to learn more about what is available – and perhaps match a picture to the specific bottle you have.

Over the years, the contour bottle has evolved and changed slightly, but the basic design influence remains intact.

At the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, you can view artifacts from yesterday and today in the The Loft.

There are many styles – and even colors – of Coca-Cola bottles.

The earliest bottles had very different shapes from the contour bottles we see today.

Known as “Kay-Signs”, these are favored among Coca-Cola sign collectors because they were not durable, and as a result are a rare find.

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