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So, how soon should you call a girl after you met her for the first time and got her phone number?

Just call her about 10 minutes before you have to go into a “meeting”, and just tell her that up front, so the expectation is set.

Then after a quick conversation, you can jump off the call.

In the area of romance, communication plays a vital role in the natural progression of a relationship, but it’s no wonder men are confused about how to approach women in today’s fast-paced world of communication technology.

While created to help us do more faster and with smaller equipment, men and women can agree the ever-changing communication products flooding today’s market are frustrating, to say the least. Try chatting her up with witty and engaging texts and take it from there.

What I always tell my clients is to find a happy medium of texts, calls and emails because a woman will connect to you more, if you use all three.

If you really don’t like to talk on the phone, there’s an easy solution for that.

A lot of men don’t like talking on the phone, so they’ll use texting to communicate with a woman.

Then there are other men who will use texting to avoid potential rejection.

Testimonial: "I’m a very successful, busy Executive who travels a lot for work and doesn’t like to waste time. You can make more money, but you can’t buy more time! And that's exactly why I hired Suzanne, as my Matchmaker.

Online dating wasn't for me because quite honestly, I don't have time to search all the profiles and go through all the B. I needed her to find me women who met my standards and take care of setting up the dates.

In this case, calling a girl 2-3 days later would be perfectly appropriate.

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