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In addition, ask any waitress: Low-cut tops with visible cleavage means better tips. To feel attracted to a woman, some men need a certain breast size--large, medium, or small (just as some women need a certain height or body type in men).

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How do we cope with this when the man continously looks at porn even when it causes a hardship in the realationship. This is the only problem with our realationship, it's going to end because of an obsession. You're right: Many men's breast obsession hurts the feelings and self-esteem of many women. Of course, many men also have their feelings hurt and self-esteem damaged by some women's fixation on being with men who are taller than they are, have a certain build, have a high income, etc. It's not the same, and it's not a valid excuse to just throw that because some women are shallow then us small chested women have to suffer!

Because usually the most shallow women are the most attractive ones (i.e.

Your reaction suggests that you have strong feelings on this subject, which supports my contention. Fact: Men do not care about the size of a woman's breasts.

Fact: Porn has distorted men's perception of women, reality and relationships. Oh come on, women are generally shorter than men, so there will always be women who are shorter than the shortest man!

Attention women: Chances are the man in your life likes your breasts better than you do.

Attention men: Chances are the woman in your life is critical of her breasts, and might appreciate any reassurance you can provide. What, are we reduced to the damned SCRAP HEAP BY YOU MEN????? And men aren't the only gender who judge people on the basis of physical appearance.

If men walked around with visible bulges in their pants, i would definitely be interested in the ones that "stood out" more lol Thanks for that example!

Puts things into perspective, being that i am a woman who struggles with the topic.

Finally, mental health appears to play a role in women's breast obsession.

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