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Corbyn should have had them at the front of his mind, or at least on a bit of paper because childcare was Labour’s chosen issue of the day (as it tried to play on its home ground of public services rather than security or Brexit).Abbott’s disastrous LBC interview on police numbers, when she didn’t know how much Labour’s extra 10,000 officers would cost, should have been a salutary warning to Corbyn.His one will be magnified by a largely hostile media which was grudgingly admitting he has defied their low expectations by fighting a good campaign.

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In the end, Barnett had to tell him the costings of his own policy.

She quoted Angela Rayner, the shadow Education Secretary, who had outlined them on Radio 4 a few hours earlier.

Bodycam footage has captured the moment a driver opened fire on two police officers before he was shot dead.

The footage, released on Friday, shows officer Richard Nelson, 33, and another unnamed officer having a tense conversation with Miguel Salas, 25, after they approached his car.

There, his best friend is not Edgar Quintero (Desmin Borges) but Burt (Raymond J.

Barry), a grouchy senior with a vintage sports car who refuses to accept his twilight years.

The Tories will be happy to have another line of attack.

They will be able to say, not only that Labour’s sums do “not add up” (which got a frosty audience reaction when May said it last night) but also that Corbyn doesn’t even know what his sums are. Yes; no party has won an election in modern times when it has been behind on both best leader and economic competence.

Certainly an easier one than he got from Jeremy Paxman in last night’s Channel 4/Sky News programme, in which Theresa May appeared to get a less sympathetic response from the studio audience than the Labour leader. His critics, inside and outside his party, will seize on today’s “car-crash interview”.

He was very comfortable in his own skin, although a little wobbly when it came to defence matters. It will allow the Tories to play the economic competence card against Corbyn, which strangely has been largely absent from this election, perhaps because of Brexit and the Manchester tragedy turning the spotlight on to security.

They argue with him about leaving his vehicle, but he resists, saying he's done nothing wrong - and then in a split second he opens fire on them.

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