Dating antique wine bottles

More info Seagram's A 1980s bottling of Benchmark Bourbon, from back in the days when it was produced by Seagram's.These days, you'll find Benchmark residing in the Buffalo Trace wheelhouse. More info Grand Marnier We think that this bottle of Grand Marnier Cuvée de Centenaire (originally made to celebrate 100 years of the classic French liqueur) was produced at some point after 1999. More info Cusenier This is an antique bottle of Cusenier's Crème de Cacao liqueur, which we reckon was produced back in the 1960s. More info Sir Robert Burnett & Co Look, people gave gifts of booze and glassware to each other all the way back in the 1970s! Anyway, this is a bottle of Burnett's White Satin London Dry Gin, along with…We’ll be adding new bottles to the site as we discover them, so keep checking back for new arrivals.

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This bottle stands about 11.375 inches tall and has no cracks or repairs, only shallow chipping around the base. There seems to be conflicting info on the web on dating this piece.

One side of the bottle reads, "HERZOGTHUM NASSAU;" above it there is a rampant lion in a circle; it reads, "SELTERS" around it. 39." Item BOT2053E $49.95Antique Vintage Western Stoneware Co. Depending on the source, Monmouth Stoneware Company of Monmouth, Illinois, began operations in 1892-1894.

More info Bénédictine A shiny bottle of Bénédictine D. More info Macieira All the way from the 1970s comes this bottle of Macieira 5 Star Brandy.

You can still get your hands on bottles of this brandy produced today, and it has been made in Portugal since the late 1800s…

One side of the bottom reads "2", the opposite edge reads, "11311." This piece is in good solid condition; all lettering on the side is strong. This commorative bottle has two labels, the one on the front reads Bottled Under Authority Of The Coca Cola Co. Item BOT2014 $75.00English made Hogarth Wine Bottle.

This beauty was recovered from the Pamunkey River 20 years ago, and we believe it is Circa 1750-1780.

This bottle is in store pickup or we can deliver to a show only. This aqua colored bottle was excavated in Petersburg, Virginia. There is a small nodule at the top I believe to be from usage.

This bottle is in store pickup or we can deliver to a show only.

Sometime between 19 it merged with several other potteries to form the Western Stoneware Company, retaining Monmouth's distinctive maple leaf logo, which was used until 1930.

One source says the presence of "Co." on the logo indicates it was made before 1906.

If you are looking to add a particular bottle to your collection or you’re after a unique and intriguing gift, delve into our substantial range of Antique Spirits and discover the drinks of times past.

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