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She would have been the star of the evening if not for Yekaterina Kondaurova, here dancingn with Yevgeny Ivanchenko.The second of the nocturnes is more deeply Slavic in character and the couple is more restrained in their affection.

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the work of a corps de ballet that everyone else strives to emulate.

Benjamin Millepied’s 2011 Without was demonstrably the lesser of the evening’s works.

It all could have been improved by toning down the drama and bumping up the lights a bit...

Millepied seems to have over-reached here by trying to pack too much into each individual composition.

There are so many great dancers that you don’t know where to look.

The star of Chopiniana though, was unquestionably the corps de ballet, not so much for its perfect unison, which was enviable enough, but for its the grace and style.

Matvienko is a star with long limbs and a deep understanding of the music.

She filled out each of the phrases with acute sensitivity.

Chopiniana was a nostalgic ballet when it was created over a hundred years ago, and it seemingly hasn’t changed much since.

The Mariinsky's is Agrippina Vaganova’s re-staging of Fokine’s 1908 masterpiece and, while the ballet has seen some adaptations over time, it still has a feel of authenticity to it that makes it hauntingly beautiful.

Oxana Skorik was impeccable and airy, as were all the female soloists.

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