Dating and marriage practices in greece

Since June 26, 2015, same-sex marriage has been legal in all 50 States and American territories except American Samoa and Native American land.

Though heterosexuality is viewed as the social "norm" in the United States, many other cultures maintain a very diverse perspective on sexuality and sexual orientation.

Additionally, these activists are primarily white and middle-class, which contributes to the erasure of racial minority transgenders.

While the meaning of "transgender" is still in formation, it is still very clear that American culture still resists accepting people who identify as neither male nor female, instead they prefer to just be a person.

In many North American indigenous tribes, a person could be two-spirit.

These people were generally viewed as having two spirits within them; both masculine and feminine.

There is a certain stigma about confusion regarding sexual and gender Identities, even to the point where medical professionals have intentionally used surgery to assign someone who was born intersex, meaning they were born with a biological sex that was a mixture between what is perceived as male and female and their body was modified to fit into the biological binary.

[6] In other parts of the world, some cultures regard various sexual orientations very highly.Various types of sexual orientation are defined below and can be found in many different cultures across the globe.===Transgender in the United States=== The term transgender refers to people who have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their assigned sex.Starting in the early 1990s, political activists began challenging the opprobrium associated with being transgender and started to put pressure on the government to recognize the rights of gender variants.The term that these activists use, transgender, refers to someone whom society has assigned a gender at birth, but chooses to perform as another because it is what they feel is appropriate to their mind and being.Questioning is a method used help those who are not sure about their sexuality or gender identity, but wish to examine it further.

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