Sex chat room games - Dating and marriage customs in jamaica

From childhood to coming of age, dating, marriage, family and parenting, work life, old age, and death, this report on Jamaican life stages covers it all.Learn about Jamaican society in each stage of the lifecycle, the customs unique to males and females, and the traditions of infancy, childhood, teenagers, young adults, the middle aged, parents, professionals, and the elderly.

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Brides sometimes use the opportunity to honor the Virgin Mary by placing roses in front of her statue.

After the rings are exchanged, the Prayer of the Faithful is said.

Catholic guests will often file into the church, dipping the fingertips of their right hand into the Holy water and making the sign of the cross before being seated by the usher. Once everyone is seated, the bride enters the church and takes her place next to the groom's side.

The priest greets the young couple as well as their guests and says an opening prayer.

Weddings are fairly casual affairs, with the bride and groom dressed in their finest. The bride's father or both parents give her away, and the groom has no best man.

The bride wears a veil and walks to the groom's house, then they walk together to the church with the whole town turning out to congratulate them. The traditional wedding cake is called a Black Cake, a sort of rum fruitcake recipe passed down through generations of the bride's family.

The reception can go on all night, and the happy couple usually spends a week honeymooning, either right in town or on another island.

The Caribbean wedding traditions are really interesting and exciting due to the fact that many Caribbean islands follow the wedding traditions of the Americans while the others create a peculiar blend of the African and European cultures which is typically Caribbean and could be found nowhere in the world. But a common custom enables the bride and the groom to dress in their finest clothes.

The bride and groom select the readings and songs and these may be read by either the priest or an honored member of the wedding party.

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