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If you Google “entrepreneur” you get a lot of mindless cliches like “Think Big! But if you “bought” their database they would send in a team of consultants to help you “install” the database to fit your needs. And almost EVERY major software product company was a service company in the beginning.

” For me, being an “entrepreneur” doesn’t mean starting the next “Facebook”. It means finding the challenges you have in your life, and determining creative ways to overcome those challenges… ” There is a HUGE gap between “idea” and “professional venture capital”. D) If you are offering a service, call it a product. In other words, for the first several years of their existence, they claimed to have a product but they really were a consulting company.

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Customers want to know how to keep their bosses calm.

And they want to know you are thinking of their overall career. If you are the SOURCE, then everybody comes back to the source.

Either one will help you survive this world of increased economic uncertainty. Along the way I’ve compiled a list of rules that have helped me deal with every aspect of being an entrepreneur in business and some in life.

If someone offers you ten million for a company that has no revenues, then sell it. And even the Google guys tried to sell their company for ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Yahoo before they were revenue positive.

Let each employee know how his or her path to success can be achieved. Tell them how they can get rich by working for you. If an employee gets “the disease” he needs to be fired.

Or more importantly, make sure you take proper medication AA) Give employees structure. If you even think they are talking behind your back, fire them.

(if its too easy, sell your company) H) The same goes for selling your company. Send them monthly updates describing your progress. It shows that other people value the space you are in.

G) When raising money: if it’s not easy then your idea is probably incapable of raising money. If its TOO easy, then sell your company (unless you are Twitter, etc). To sell your company, start getting in front of your acquirers a year in advance.

The better they do, it means the market is getting bigger.

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