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Dandridge told investigators during his interview that he felt the entire event was "a risky situation." When asked by police why it was risky, Dandridge said, "I know if she was not saying 'No,' but you repeatedly ask her to do something and she doesn't want to, you have to be cool." Ware denied having any kind of sexual intercourse with Tracy.

He told police he put on a condom at one point and asked Tracy for intercourse, but she declined.

When detectives asked Ainsworth if the other men in the room had violated her, he said, "Yea, but I know I didn't." Carlyle, Oregon State's defensive back, minimized his involvement to investigators. Then, he told police he'd touched her body, requested sex acts and participated in brief oral sex.

"That it's OK to take up space, that I'm not garbage." As a young woman she found herself in abusive relationships, a partner to men who were volatile, angry and dangerous. She remembers wearing a turtleneck in the summer once to cover bruising on her neck after being choked by a boyfriend. "I didn't think I was worth anyone really loving me." Tracy sees herself so clearly now. 98-06590 of the Corvallis Police Department spanned 28 pages.

The father of her children was incarcerated, first for drugs, then a Measure 11 sentence for robbery. In fact, in September when that terrible video of NFL running back Ray Rice's elevator assault went viral, Tracy watched in horror, just like you and me. It detailed the events of the early morning hours of June 24, 1998.

Tracy knew Dandridge as an acquaintance from a local nightclub.

She remembered looking up at one point, asking him to make it stop.

The others, she said, were standing around the room, cheering. " Ainsworth told police he took Tracy's clothes off and had consensual sex with her.

He said he didn't understand why Tracy would believe she was violated.

We met downtown over coffee on a weekday morning a couple months ago.

And I was struck that nobody in the passing parade of briefcases, lattes and workday stares appeared to notice the 40-year-old as she adjusted her ponytail, wiped the tears and unloaded a story that she's carried like a bag of bricks for years.

Carlyle "heard her tell the other males 'No' when they requested sex acts also," the report noted.

Dandridge, the Beavers running back, was said by Carlyle to be among those touching Tracy's body all over and requesting sex acts.

Janay Palmer had her chin down, shoulder raised, and she was half-turned away from Rice in the instant before the Ravens' running back punched her out. But that dissolved into an alleged gang rape and sex assault after which four men would be arrested, handcuffed and booked.

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