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So how long you wait after the first date before calling up your partner is more often than not determined by social niceties or dating convention.

Though now, with changing times women are more comfortable about taking the initiative, especially if they feel that there is potential for a relationship.

Mutual interests like music, sports, travel could also be great ways to bind a couple together.

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And if so, there is no point in playing the waiting game and by all means you should call her up the following day – or the next at the latest – and tell her how much you enjoyed the date.

If on the other hand the first date did not go as well as you had hoped it would, you can allow some time to elapse before making the call, say for instance four to five days.

Rather ring her up after, say, three days and thank her for taking out the time to spend with you.

Don’t mention anything about hoping to see her again but politely sign off wishing her all the best for the future.

If you sincerely believe that you both would enjoy getting to know each other better, then there is no harm in giving yourselves another chance.

However instead of ringing up your partner right the day after your first date, let some time, say four to five days, elapse before you initiate contact; and if the response you get is good enough, you can plan your second date a few days after that.A first date comes with its own share of anxieties and stress-factors; so it is not necessary that first date success is a sign of real compatibility.When two people are going out for the first time as partners, there is a great deal of pressure to look their best, be a successful conversationalist and a charming partner, all rolled in one.No wonder then conversation during a first date often seems forced or both partners are too tensed to be their normal attractive selves.If the same thing happened to you and you think it was because of first date jitters, probably you would like to give this thing another chance.How did your first date go To a large extent, the correct time to call after a first date would depend on how the evening in question was for the two of you.

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