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And here’s a big question: if he were a financially successful businessman do you think you would feel the same way?Is the possibilty of becomming his “patron” turning you off?He is a sane, patient, caring person who puts a high priority on trust and honesty.

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I can’t help but think you like your life just the way it is, and the way it is is compartmentalized.

That’s okay, but have you explained it to your lover?

Great guy, 3 years, you love him…that really is something to weigh. Between my spam filters and television commercials, I thought the cure for that was as common now as asprin. Perhaps you could suggest it in a “I might be fun if we…” way.

The starving artist, the pretentious artist, the sensitive artist — there are a lot of stereotypes out there about artists, but it’s not just their careers they have to defend. Want to know what it’s really like to date an artist? I spoke with Cory Huff, founder of The Abundant, and Annush Mac Leod, the wife of Miami cartoonist Hugh Mac Leod, of Gaping, to set the record straight.

He quit his career in business about 7 years ago to pursue being a full time artist.

In that time he has depleted all of his savings, his 401k, and is maxing out his credit cards.

He has hinted about needing to move into a studio apartment at my house. He still tries to split our entertainment/travel expenses 50/50 and has never asked for money.

He may end up filing for bankruptcy – but views it as “suffering for his art”. Some people recognize that sex is the icing on the cake and not the cake itself, and this allows them to have happy relationships with average sex lives (as opposed to the more common awful relationship with great sex).2) Decline in passion – not surprisingly with his financial issues looming, I’m sure he is stressed and our sex life has over time dwindled to a quickie here and there, mostly to cater to my higher level of “need”…

I am an attractive, fit 49 year old mom of three girls (14, 17, 20).

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