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You’ll realize that it would be a very awesome experience for it just as much as it is to you. Unless you have a very good line of argument, or that you have a very valid reason for doing so, you might actually be in a very bad position the moment you start questioning it or debating it.

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And remember that you’re at it because you are interested and curious, not because you just want to impress her.

Be the tabula rasa that she’d be more than happy to talk to about these things to.

Women annoy me with their “abstinence is the best protection” when it comes to dating douchebags. We each get our social value from our ability to have done these or our readily available access to doing them, dating for women and casual sex for men.

Women can keep from dating douchebags no better than Bro’s can keep from taking home a drunk slut from the bar at 3a.m. Instead of trying to convince anyone not to be with these people I decided it was in all of our best interests to learn how to identify the male and female equivalents of this list by College Candy.

Female Equivalent: Fake Breasts girl – Why we love her: “Look at her there, chest bulging out with not an ounce of fat on her.

I bet she could do things to my dick that would make Sasha Grey blush.” Reality: You’re going to be so broke after a month of trying to impress her that you’ll finally understand that “juice wasn’t worth the squeeze” even though you’ll still brag to your friends about how you totally got to third base with her… This girl invested 00 of her own money you’ll be paying on for the rest of your life. – Why you love him: This guy has the list of qualifications every mother looks for in her daughter’s suitor.

He’s rich, successful, accomplished and willing to pay for your life of Xanax and daiquiri’s by his pool.

Except he’s not, at least not with you because any woman worth her salt knows that his sh*t gets old as soon as he demands a pre-nup.

– Why you love him: “Look at him there, chest bulging out with not an ounce of fat on that body.

I bet he could put me in positions no other man could.” Reality: You’re going to be so sore after the workout he demands you do both in and out of the bedroom that you’re going to give up after a month of not eating chocolate and waking up for 5a.m. The fact remains that outside of simple eye candy this guy has nothing to offer anyone, even if he does have his own tv show.

All her friends are guys for two reasons: 1) B*tches hate her & 2) Because all her guy ‘friends’ are still trying to bang her.

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