Dating a guy with low self confidence

While I did literally everything for him, I ignored myself.I pushed away my friends, I stopped doing the things I loved, and I stopped even thinking about what I wanted.

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I did everything he wanted and did everything his way.

I wanted to keep him happy, because I thought that if I screwed up, he would be gone, and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

It means that you're always prioritizing the other person's wants and needs because you're scared that if you don't, they'll break up with you.

Meanwhile, what you want and need is being pushed under the table.

I was insecure, wildly jealous, very controlling, and extremely needy.

Granted, my boyfriend at the time was the same way, so it wasn’t all my fault. I can see that now, because I have more confidence now, and I’m in a much healthier relationship – and that’s why I’m writing this.

I don’t want to make anyone feel bad for having low self-esteem, because that feeling sucks and just makes things worse (you don’t always have to love yourself).

This isn’t meant to be like, “Hey, the fact that you can’t love yourself is really screwing up everything, so good job!

I was seriously dating someone and I wasn’t happy with myself, so I brushed it off and kept doing my thing.

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