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Hanoi is probably the least 'peaceful' city I have visited. And loving the pics that Hani is posting on FB of Egypt - Cairo is another chaotic city - it was love at first sight for me!Rebecca - That photo is obviously an early morning one and I have to say it is not representative of the teeming matrix of streets in the Old Quarter with motorcycles in all directions and cars being added to the mix.

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Duiker that I thought was very good, although apparently I never entered it into LT because it is on my sweetie's shelves. It looks like motorcycles are the most popular form of transportation.

I really miss the days when there were thriving Main Streets and downtowns in the United States. Now we just have cookie cutter stores in malls and shopping centers.

She told me that when she fell inlove in High School "with the handsome boy" she was not able to catch his eye. I think the ladies know full well when our intentions are honourable enough and it makes for very interesting incidents. I always get a very childish buzz when I open the group page and see unread numbers against my name.

Mamie - Glad to see that you are feeling much better and, like me, have set your illness aside! LT has opened up a new world for me and the 75ers are, to a man/woman, my compadres for whom I am immensely grateful every day that I was lucky enough to stumble upon. Peterson is a good villain and some of the minor characters are exceedingly well drawn.

Back in the old days, the dollar stores, grocery stores, and drug stores were all down there so you would visit frequently. I would like to do some reading by Vietnamese authors. I don't know how you keep up with all of this and still manage to work, have a full family life, and actually read books as well. Orlaith - Karl Marlantes is definitely on the radar for next year both of his books are on the shelves and I don't recall a negative review about either.

I'm thinking I'll add The Sorrow of War to the wish list based on Rebecca's post above. I get immense pleasure from sending my friends books although I can be slothful in getting around to sending them they'll not get forgotten.

It is vibrant, chaotic but extremely friendly and safe.

I was in one of the thousands of small stores in the old quarter yesterday looking for trinkets for Hani and came across a shop selling Poster Art on scrolls.

Eliot Category Challenge1 Works Originally in French 2 Historical Fiction COMPLETED3 Poetry/Plays COMPLETED4 Works by Anne Tyler 5 Books on Sports 6 Books on Travel or Places 7 Short Story Collections COMPLETED8 Between the Wars 9 Scandi 10 Old Friends COMPLETED11 Then and Now COMPLETED12 Prize Winners 13 Asia Pacific Total Number of Challenges 169December Reading Plan Basically to finish off what I've been reading. Dear Orlaith - Lovely to see you posting and that your first up this time. If you've been following there is a prize (a book via Book Depo) for the first up on my threads - so PM me your address and I'll try to choose something for you you'll like.

A Doris Lessing book because Kerri wanted me to join a neglected TIOLI challenge on an author I have traditionally chosen to neglect and who sadly passed last month. Physical Books TBRBooks at Start of Year on KL Shelves - 1,676Added in 2013 - 1,168Read in 2013 - 154Revised TBR Total - 2,690Pages to read at start of year - 639,135Pages added in 2013 - 375,898Read in 2013 - 41,354Revised Pages to read - 973,6793 Kindle books read: Kindle stats in prep.

I don't get the anti-semitism Sapper had been accused of and that may be in later books but as a slice of European attitudes immediately after the Great War it is very interesting.

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